About Our Journey

400 Pizza was inspired by a visit to Italy where we tasted some of the best pizzas’ made with the most fresh tasting flour, richest cheese and fresh toppings.

Back in the UK we were unable to find anything that came close to replicating the pizzas’ in Italy, so we had an idea, why not create our own version and presto 400 Pizza was born.

Being of South Asian origin and love for the South Asian spices, we decided to combine the best of both worlds by creating the Italian style pizzas’ with our own Asian twist.

Our journey then saw us seek and find an authentic Italian pizza chef with over 20 years experience to help create our bespoke pizzas’.

Fresh quality ingredients and taste is at the heart of everything we do. We offer an original tomato base, an Italian favourite pesto base, unique BBQ base and an Asian spice NAGA base. So there’s something for everyone.

We opened our first store in Alum Rock, Birmingham in May 2020. It has been a great success, loved by everyone who has tried our food. We provide the best customer service as well as the freshest, tastiest food leaving our customers 100% satisfied.

We are the only food outlet on Google with a 5 star rating in whole of the UK.

We have plans to open more stores and expand our 400 Pizza family. We are also offering franchises to those who want to jump on board and be a part of our exciting journey of bringing the best Pizza all across the UK.